SugarHeads Xtreme



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So it’s Halloween, and you decide to munch on a Airhead Xtreme.  Bad choice. Let’s take a look in the calories and sugars from the research center we use.

There is enough sugar in one of those candies for a whole day and more: 29 grams. And most people eat up to four at a time!   That’s over 116 grams of sugar!  This candy’s taste isn’t just sour; the candy is also sour for your health.


~Matthew B., Josh G., Rohan K., and Jackson W.


  1. Sam Henderson

    This really gets me thinking about what else could be this “sour” for our health. Just because something tastes good, doesn’t mean it is good for you.

    • William Ferriter

      That’s true, most food we enjoy isn’t exactly “healthy,” but most people don’t care/know, which leads to obesity and diabetes. This got us thinking about which foods are actually healthy and good tasting. We will look into these rare foods.