Sugary Drinks Cause 180,000 Deaths Annually



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Regular #sugarkills readers know that I am personally struggling to decide just how I feel about the soda ban that Michael Bloomberg tried to pass in New York.  

On the one hand, I’m a passionate believer that giving the government too much power — including giving them the right to decide what we do and don’t put in our bodies — is a bad thing.  Heck, more than half of the people in New York are opposed to the soda ban.  Should that be enough of a reason for the ban to be banned?

But a new research report was released recently showing that 180,000 people from around the world die every year because of the impact that sugary beverages have on their bodies.  What’s worse, poor people tend to suffer the impacts of sugary beverages more than rich people do.

That seems like a really big number to me, y’all — and it’s left me wondering again about just what role the government should play in keeping us healthy.


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    • William Ferriter

      Hey Ann,

      Just wanted to thank you for pointing this out to my kids! We just started our summer break, so they are all at home — but I’m looking forward to sharing the video and the photo collage with them when they get back. I’m pretty sure that we could steal the model for a few posts on our blog too!