Sweet Lunch Nightmare


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Who doesn’t love a lunch with cookies, pizza, juice and fruit?

I know I do…I eat it every day.

Unfortunately that dream lunch is trying to kill me. This whopping lunch is DROWNING in 124 grams of sugar. That’s 100 more grams of sugar than you need in a day.

On the bright side 45 grams of that sugar is natural.


By Christopher K and Ried D.

Ty C. and Christopher K.


  1. Wolfgang Croskey

    I work with your teacher Mr. Ferriter when he comes to the San Francisco Bay Area and I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your Sugarkills.us blog. So now that you have identified that your lunch is killing you, what are you going to do to change your lunch? Is this your school lunch or lunch from home? if it is a school lunch, what will you do to get your school to make changes?

    • William Ferriter

      My post was about my school lunch. I have changed the amount of cookies that I buy per month. I used to get a 1 cookie per day and now eat a cookie every once and a while. I also have been bringing homemade lunch more often.

      I have been eating healthier lately. For example, I used to drink milk that had added sugar, but now I drink 100 percent apple juice.I thank you for your questions and I hope I have given you helpful answers.

      Christopher K. and Ty C.

    • William Ferriter

      Yes. Thank you for sending us your video. We really enjoyed it.

      Sometimes it is hard to believe how much sugar can be in a single drink. Your video made that clear.