The “Naked” Truth


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You thought all fruit and vegetable juice would be healthy for you, well you thought wrong!

Those bottles, those 15.2 ounce bottles labeled, “Naked Juice” claim to have no added sugar, which is true, but it doesn’t mean it has low amounts of sugar.  One bottle has 46.9 grams of sugar! That’s almost double the amount of sugar you should have daily. Granted that is mostly natural sugar, which is healthier, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy for you.

You may ask why those juices are so unhealthy for you when they don’t even really fill you up. The reason is because when you juice a fruit, you lose the fiber content of the fruit but you still get all of the sugar. That’s why you can eat 2 apples and feel near full, but when you drink the juice of 2 apples you still want more.


Written By: Jadon W

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