The “Not So Sweet” Part of Halloween



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Happy Halloween!

Candy is the one thing that everyone looks forward to when Halloween comes around.

According to the Huffington Post, an average kids candy basket has 177 grams of sugar. According to us, we probably eat more than that! Depending on how much we “trick or treat”, the amount of sugar could vary (it would most likely be more, based on the sheer amount of candy we lug home).

This Halloween, try to lay off the snickers… and the candy corn… and the lollipops…


By Joel H. and Mac S.



  1. Prnaam Kaur Brar

    I definatley needed to hear to this to assure me of sugar’s scariness, although the rest of the website is amazing, as well. And now, I am 100% convinced that as a nation, we are completely addicted to sugar–and I think that we need to decrease our sugar intake.

  2. harneet sandhu

    i agree with that because we do eat alot of sugar every halloween. this is very hard to avoid because our favorite candies have alot of sugar. we should all try to limit the amount of out sugar intake, including fast food.