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Have you ever thought of a Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar as a “healthy” snack?

Well, it actually has more than half of your daily sugar value. ONE Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar has 18 grams of added sugar. So if you eat 2 Cliff Bars, you have gone over the daily amount of sugar that doctors recommend that you eat — 24 grams.

So your healthy snack is not so healthy after all.


By: Kaylee R, Sophie B, and Dabney H




  1. Mrs. Renee Moore, NBCT

    I just wanted to comment on how helpful all of your #sugarkills posts are. I don’t often comment, but I read every one of them and often share the information in them. Keep up the good work!

    • William Ferriter

      Thank you Mrs. Moore for visiting our blog. We really appreciate you giving us a compliment. Those are the comments that make us want to keep working hard.

      From, Matthew N.