The Soda Ban Has Been Banned

New York City has officially banned it’s ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 oz. 

When we started this blog over two years ago the New York City Soda Ban was causing major debates. Earlier this year, New Yorks highest court declared the ban unconstitutional. This is an important event to us, because the idea of the ban is the main reason we started the blog. We were 6th graders then, and I remember having many interesting arguments with my class mates about the ban. These arguments lead to further research on sugar which eventually led to the #sugarkills blog.

The idea of the ban was that if people can’t buy a 32oz soda, then they won’t drink 32oz of sugar, thus lowering the cities sugar total. The problem is that you can just buy two 16oz sodas, and by having to carry around an extra bottle, people will get annoyed. There was about an 18 month long debate that went on, and early this year the law banning soda’s over 16oz was going to be put in effect…

BUT… The supreme court stepped in and declared the ban unconstitutional, so New Yorkers can continue to drink big sodas at will.  Our #sugarkills gang had a hard time deciding whether the ban is a good idea or not. Personally I agree with the supreme court and that the ban would limit freedom. But it would be good if people drunk less soda.


-Ried D.

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