Top Five Most Exotic Fruits

Looking for an exotic fruit to impress your friends? Here’s a list of a few with the sugar stats! Remember… all of these fruits contain natural sugar which doesn’t count for your daily 24 grams.

5. The Rambutan is a sweet Malaysian fruit that contains 0 grams of sugar! This a great tasting exotic fruit option.

4. The Dragon Fruit is an East Asian delicacy that contains only 8 grams of natural sugar! This is a good option to eat, and it will impress your friends with its bright outer pink shell.

3. Number 3 has 7 grams of sugar in an average serving size. It’s the Philippine Carambola, or “Star Fruit.” You may have heard of this sweet, tangy fruit in the classic video game, Fruit Ninja.

2. The Ackee is an African fruit that was smuggled over seas to the Caribbean and it has flourished its way into the Jamaican food culture. It can hold up to 2 grams of sugar in the buds, which is the only part you should eat since the other parts are  highly poisonous.

1. The odd Squared Watermelon. You might think that its is a fake, but it actually is grown in Japan’s local markets. This awkward melon packs the same amount of sugar as a normal melon’s serving – 9.4 grams of natural sugar in one slice.

This concludes our post on exotic fruits. We hope you make a good decision, and if you chose the Ackee, make sure to only eat the buds!



-By Dylan J. and Conor A.

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