Not so Dinky Twinkies

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Have you ever had a delicious Hostess Twinkies? Do you have them often? Well, there is 33 grams of added sugar in 2 Twinkies. That is 9 more grams than how much sugar you should have daily! Think, do you want to have 2 Twinkies or 5 pieces of a KitKat? Which one do you think is a better deal?


By: Sophie B., Dabney H., Kaylee R.


  1. Sabrina Smith

    I am not a fan of Twinkies. Glad to know Kit Kats have less sugar. Besides, chocolate is the best.

  2. Karen Law

    Hello, I am a teacher in Savannah, Georgia! I am with Meg Ormiston in a Google class. I have joined your blog and cannot wait to learn more about the dangers of consuming to much sugar!