You Call That LITE?!


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Pancakes for breakfast AGAIN, Mom?  Are you SURE that’s healthy?

Turns out it’s not the pancakes you should be worried about.  1/4 of a cup of Hungry Jack LITE syrup — which I put on my pancakes every morning — has 23 grams of sugar.

Think of THAT the next time you drown your pancakes at breakfast.



  1. Kristen Swanson (@kristenswanson)

    Ugh! That is disgusting! Truthfully, I ate Eggo Waffles and syrup (not lite!) every day in college. I can only imagine how many miles I’d have to run to burn off all those sugar calories… Now (in my old age) I eat plain instant oatmeal with no added sugar. But, I’ve always wondered, how many grams of sugar are in those delicious Toaster Strudels?

  2. TS Bray

    Hello from Korea and Korea International School,
    This is very useful information, thanks for sharing it. It is great seeing students take sugar seriously, because the fact of the matter is it can be dangerous in the long run. My father, mother, and brother all have adult onset diabetes. Keep sharing the knowledge.

  3. Wm Chamberlain

    1/4 cup of syrup is an awful lot on your pancakes. Have you looked into the conversations about corn syrup versus cane sugar? There is a lot of controversy about the corn syrup being much worse four our bodies.

    Mr. C

  4. Philip

    Whoa! This definitely makes me rethink whether I should order pancakes. Honestly, who wants to eat pancakes without syrup? I guess I could eat them with some fresh strawberries added. So what would you recommend as the most healthy breakfast option?

  5. Robin Montgomery

    Interesting to think about, but a little hard to believe without a citation. If what you are saying is true, then we are all in some very serious danger because it is not just Lite Syrup we eat.